Baje International “This Is The Life” Launch

Posted on: Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Last Saturday I took a trip to my island Barbados and joined a bevy of  other beautiful bajan girls to showcase the sections for Baje International’s “This is The Life” launch. From the rehearsals to the stage I had such a good time with the people behind the band and production. This year’s theme was based around the story of the phoenix; a bird that crashed and burn, but rose from…

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Meet Up In Barbados!

Posted on: Friday, January 13, 2017

    Hi there! As many of you know I spent Christmas through New years back home in Barbados . Those past 16 days were everything I could have hoped for: filled with family, food and the best beach days. It’s always the upmost pleasure to go home; and it’s beyond going out and having a rum and coke. There’s something about running the same shop owners that sold me…

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Tinting My Brows

Posted on: Saturday, September 3, 2016

Hi Guys! As you may know, I am all about a good brow. Structured, groomed and defined eyebrows have the potential to take your face from “I am not about this life” to “take my picture” haha. There are so many days when I don’t feel like doing my face but once my brows are done I feel as though I can take on the world. I wasn’t blessed with…

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A Trip Home- Barbados: Crop Over 2016

Posted on: Monday, August 15, 2016

Most of you don’t know this but I had a pretty rough couple of weeks prior to coming back home. The hectic energy of Miami Swim Week coupled with being robbed at gunpoint (I’ll save this for a story time video) , made me realize I really needed a break. I was physically, but more so mentally drained and just to be surrounded by loved ones and something as simple as…

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